To our customers and friends,

Phibro is pleased to introduce the “Phibro Academy” a dedicated effort to provide solutions to the industry’s most frequent challenges. “Phibro Academy” is supported by a global network of key opinion leaders who master relevant topics and share their knowledge and expertise through the convenience of Phibro’s Webinar platform. 

What makes of “Phibro Academy” a unique platform is the drive to align its agenda to the industry’s interests and needs.  In this sense, we are looking for your help defining the topic(s) for our upcoming webinar: “Understanding the “Why” behind the incubation process”

Please rank from one to five your interest level on the topics proposed below, one being the lowest interest level and five the highest. (Responses will be shared through the selected channel) 

Webinar’s proposed topics:

a. Examining unhatched eggs
b. Inspection of the hatchery (incubators and hallways)
effects and ways to maintain the viability of embryos

On top of above-proposed topics, we welcome any particular interest related to the incubation and hatching processes, to which we will look to provide a practical solution approach. Any specific topic of your interest can be submitted in the form of a short situational/problem description to the speaker’s e-mail (below), the speaker may contact the requestor for additional information when needed, and will present his solution(s) proposal in a form of an anonymous situational case during the webinar. Please note that due to time-constrains, it is possible that not all cases will be presented during the webinar, however, you can count on receiving feedback to your inquiry in a timely manner.

At Phibro, we are excited to introduce this initiative and are looking forward for your kind responses and participation in our webinar:

“Understanding the “Why” behind the incubation process”
By Mike Wineland.
Date and time TBC

With my best regards,

Elize Terblanche,