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A flair for design & designs with flair!

At Visual Projects, we pride ourselves on the distinctive creative flair that is visible in our work. The team at Visual Projects guarantee individual personalised attention to all our clients; we combine powerful strategy with cost-effective production and implementation to ensure maximum advantage to our clients.

Planning proceeds effectiveness

For optimal success and cost-effectiveness, planning is of paramount importance.

For this reason, we like to work with our clients on their projects from the very beginning. We enjoy establishing goals together, right from the onset.


After that, we select the best possible means of communication once the target market is identified.

The theme or message is then determined, and the budgetary parameters are set.


An action plan is then drawn up, based on the assimilation of accurate information and appropriate research.

The Visual Projects team specialise in visually taking the product to the marketplace.


The Finished Product…

Your big picture.

Once the project design is implemented and the marketing or communications elements have been designed and approved, we take your project to reproduction or publishing. As we strive to supply top quality end products, we use only the best in the business if we are not doing it ourselves. For this reason, we collaborate with the best printing and production houses in South Africa, to ensure optimal quality at affordable pricing. We have a host of additional suppliers, all of whom are highly professional… the best in their fields. We are of a similar mind-set, and we share the notions of trust and pride in our work.

A Glance at Our Goals

We aim to build a true working relationship with you. We want to walk alongside you as your partner and trusted advisor. We aim to deliver the highest quality of services and products – We take pride in our work! Our existing clients can attest to that fact. We must help you make money. For this is the ultimate goal in any thriving business. Let’s do it together.